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Quality Gift Ideas for the Man Who Has Everything

Quality Gift Ideas for the Man Who Has Everything

It’s that time year again…Father’s Day, Christmas Day or worse – his birthday. And once again you’re left scrambling your brain and the online stores for a gift idea to give the man in your life that already seems to have everything he needs. You spend an afternoon googling ‘gift ideas for him’, hoping that something will pop up that he’ll love…and doesn’t already have – maybe that’s how you found your way to this blog…

Socks and undies are too boring. Gift cards feel unthoughtful. And you’re desperate not to just give him money to spend on his own ideas three months later and left thinking ‘I could have got you that!’ You want to gift him something special, memorable and thoughtful.

So here’s some ideas that you might not have come across in your frantic searches, that will make the perfect gift for the man who has it all.


1For the Golfer: Personalised Golf Accessories


Personalised Golf Accessories


Whether it’s your partner, father, son or random office guy you got for Kris Kringle – if they love a spot of golf, then they’ll love these personalised golf accessories from Mr Golf. Help them stand out from the competition with a premium leather golf glove personalised with their initials, or perhaps a personalised golf scorecard holder so they can keep track of their handicap in style. Check out the range of options at Mr. Golf.


2For the Corporate: Beside Phone + Watch Stand


Corporate: Beside Phone + Watch Stand


Even the man who has everything needs a place to put some of his – everything. Help him stay organised (and maybe stop asking where his things are!) with a quality wooden phone, glasses/watch and accessories holder for his bedside table or desk. Check out these handmade wooden varieties from Mij Moj Designs.


3For the Adventurer: Stand Up Paddle Board


Adventurer: Stand Up Paddle Board


If the person you’re looking to buy a gift for is into his outdoor sports, trying new things, or keeping busy on the summer holidays then he might like to try his hand at stand up paddle boarding. It requires no skill to get started and doubles as a mindfulness activity to switch off and get out in nature. You can find stand up paddleboards at most major sporting goods stores, and might even like to gift him a paddleboard lesson like this one from Red Balloon.


4For the Gym Buff – Acupressure Mat


Gym Buff – Acupressure Mat


These special mats resemble a traditional yoga mat but include small plastic spikes that help to target acupressure points, relieve tension and apply pressure to sore muscles. Perfect for after those long workouts, runs or weekend hikes. Neptune Blanket sell a range of sizes and colours so you can find the perfect fit.


5For the Coffee Snob – A Reusable Coffee Mug

Coffee Snob – A Reusable Coffee Mug


Know someone who’s onto their third cup of Joe before midday? Or perhaps someone who will only drink coffee if it’s from one particular café? Those takeaway coffee cups can add up and when you think of all of the coffee cups being tossed out around the world – it can wreak havoc for the environment. So why not help him to be a little more eco-conscious with his coffee habit and get his coffee to go (or make it before work) with his own reusable coffee cup. These cups will keep drinks warm for longer and café’s will even give you a small discount on your order for bringing in your own cup. Check out the extensive range offered at KeepCup.

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